Coach Jimbo's Clinics set the standard for me. From the basics to the "impossible" third shot dink, within six sessions--thanks to the incredible knowledge, patience and encouragemnt (not to mention delightful humor!) of Jimbo--I went from a virtual novice to a guy that my talented former tennis player wife was at least willing to play a few games with as her partner...and the marriage  has survived! I can't wait until I can be in his Clinic again; honestly, if I could I'd take a few lessons at least every week with this guy for a year, I think I'd be a decent 3.5 rated player within a year! His substance and style are terriffic; and frankly other teachers I've had pale in comparison to Jimbo's ability to convey both the basics and essential things on which to concentrate and practice.  Simply, no one could do it better, period! And I'll be back for more as soon as I can. I just say: thank you Jimbo for your time and patience. I feel lucky for meeting you and getting the benefit of your teaching, and hope to learn a lot more from you in the weeks ahead. Go Jimbo...let the hummingbird hum!!

Susan, Bloomington, MN, June 2018.

Wow! I just met, and got coached by Jim Cohen. Coach Jimbo, thanks: I feel really lucky for your teaching. I never thought that any game could be as fun as my favorite sport, tennis. Wrong--now, at 68, I barely get out on the tennis court; in part because  you inspire and guide me like the kind of coach I always wanted to meet. It's never too late! If my legs and shoulders hold up, I'm gonna' ask you to  coach me as much as you have time to do so. You're a pleasure to work with, and an inspiration for old "farts' like me. Incidentally, how young are you; and how long are you willing to bless us with your awesome coaching?? 

                                                                                                                                                            Dave, Seattle, WA., September 2017.

Thumbs up to Jim Cohen as a Pickleball  coach. He's a star.  Not just a solid player who 'walks the talk,'  but  a dedicated guy who guides and leads with his deep knowledge of and professional approach to the entire game.  "Jimbo"  stands out as a true inspiration and a tireless worker. His enthusiasm is contagious; he clearly loves and knows the game in depth. And his love for coaching is not hidden. During practices he is patient, tough, yet empowering, encouraging and humorous--a nice and unusual balance for a coach. Simply, Jim is dedicated to having his clinics set the standard of excellence.'

Elena, Plymouth, MN, January  2019.

Jim is a great attribute to the Minnesota pickleball community here in Minnesota. I've been quite involved in running a large pickleball teaching facility in the area for five years. When I met Jim and got to know him, and saw him both play and teach, I knew what an asset he would be to the game of pickleball. In the whole Twin Cities, which has heavily embraced pickleball, the glaring gap in facility growth was, and remains, the City of Minneapolis itself! When Jim got involved with trying to get the city moving, things started happening immediately, and greater Minneapolis began adding and developing their courts to catch up with the rest of the metro area. The reason was simple: Jim's leadership and followup. Jim's extensive background in negotiations, public affairs and skills in working with large bureaucratic organizations, coupled with his advocacy and passion--on and off the courts--and the trust he generates with adults and children through his encouraging and effective teaching skills--adds immeasurably to the game as a whole. Becasuse of his consummate skills and involvement in every apect of the game, I proposed  his appointment to the USAPA Board.  As a great teacher, knowledgable and effective referee, and consummate promoter of Pickleball, his contributions to the game's growth and impact have been and can be expected to continue to be unlimited and immeasurable. Spirit of the Hummingbird and Jim's coaching clinics have a likely strong future in building the sport of pickleball. Thanks Jim for your generous contributions and good luck!!

Paul,  Eden Prairie, MN, October  2017.

I've played a real lot of pickleball, and still do. And I've had many coaches over the year's , including several of the best singles and doubles players in the world. Simply, bar none, Jimbo Cohen is a few notches above all of them. He's the best! His sharp insights and the manner in which he so effectively and encouragingly communicates them to students like me is little short of amazing. My game has improved, and continues to improve --and so have the games of my friends and community members--because of Jim's knowledge of every aspect of the game, his sharp insights, direct and affable style, and unusual listening skills. I wish I could persuade Jimbo to come to our beautiful Utah community (with nearly year-round magnificent playing conditions) for at least a few months every year. He'd be inundated with requests for teaching clinics and, I think, maybe even be persuaded to stay by the genuine warmth of the area's pickleball community. Hurry back 'Jimbo'...the Spirit of the Hummingbird and your IPTPA-based teaching clinics would find a comfortable and supportable nest among our St. George residents. Come back and hum with us soon!

Bud, St. George, UT, November 2018.