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Pickleball Coach Jim(bo)

Pickleball Coach Jimbo

Coach “Jimbo” is well-known and respected in the “Pickleball Circuit,” locally, nationally and internationally. He is a dedicated 4.0/4.5 USAPA ranked player and frequent tournament medalist in both doubles and singles, IPTPA certified national coach, and knowledgeable referee who knows well the Rules of the game. 


Following his retirement from a long and successful professional  legal career as a noted public interest advocate and certified mediator, Jim(bo) Cohen brought his considerable skillset to the Pickleball arena. He founded and serves as the  president of a non-profit, multifaceted Minnesota-based corporation, called "Spirit of the Hummingbird," which dedicates itself to building the sport of Pickleball, nationally and internationally, through various consulting, management, promotion, player development, coaching and facility design efforts. (See the "About" tab on this website)

Before becoming "addicted" to Pickleball several years ago, Jim was an accomplished tennis/squash/ping pong player. Jim(bo) knows and studies the game, and carefully assesses each individual’s strengths, needs and goals. He listens, guides and challenges students thoughtfully. He has played, studied, coached and refereed the sport for endless hours; and over the years has himself been the fortunate recipient of talented coaching from some of the best and most respected men and women players in this fast-growing, exciting and fun game. As a result, Coach Jimbo brings a caring, encouraging and passionate style of coaching to children, adults and seniors alike, including those with physical or other challenges. He loves to work with families, individuals and groups of players seeking to increase their prowess for recreational and/or competitive, tournament play. 

Because of his knowledge of paddle construction and understanding of players' particular styles and strengths, Coach Jimbo also brings to bear a unique ability to help assess the most effective kind and weight of paddle best suited to each individual student, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.  Recipients of Jim’s gentle yet disciplined coaching style have typically commented both on how much they learned and on the fun they’ve experienced in improving their game. (See the TESTIMONIALS tab on this website.) 

Whether one lesson or a series of lessons, and whether a student is seeking enhanced recreational enjoyment or competitive prowess, graduates of Coach Jimbo's clinics will possess a solid  understanding of the key acronyms s/he uses and which have empowered innumerable players to consistently excel on the courts by repeating to themselves--and by putting into practical effect-- the key words of which those acronyms are formed--such as:  FUN, WTP, SMART, BOSS & POP. Be sure to ask Jimbo about the game "magic" and enhanced performance that the application of those learned acronyms produce in everyday play...and upon his 'Vowel Mantra': "AIOUE"= Always Insist Only Upon Excellence.


The following rates currently apply (until May 15, 2019)

·  1 Person: $45 for 60 minutes; and $60 for 90 minutes; 

·  Group of 2 Persons: $30 per person for 60 minutes; and $45 per person for 90 minutes;

·  Group of 3- 4 Persons: $25 per person for 60 minutes; and $35 per person for 90 minutes;

·  Group of 6-8 Persons: or more (up to 16 persons maximum): $20 per person for 60 minutes; 

   and $30 per person for 90 minutes.                                                              

Reservations & Hours

Coach Jimbo currently takes reservations, advisedly at least 3 days in advance, by email or text communications; and soon will post clinic schedules and available times to sign up for individual or group lessons on this website. 

Coaching hours are normally from 8AM-Noon, 4-6PM and 8-10PM*. Individual and group coaching lessons are held on days mutually convenient for the participants and Coach Jimbo, including on weekends. *Evening hour individual lessons or group clinics (8-10PM) must be specifically booked by directly calling, texting or emailing Coach Jimbo, rather than by booking through the hyperlink below to the Calendar tab on this website. Three (3) times each year Coach Jimbo holds FREE information sessions regarding rules, equipment, ratings and tournament participation.  Those sessions will be posted on the Calendar tab on this website. 


        Contact Coach Jimbo by:


        Text: 612.868.0009

        Please indicate:

  • preferred date and time
  • your current level of experience (beginner, intermediate or advanced) 
  • whether you wish to have individual or group lessons
  • 1 hour or 2 hour sessions

Coach Jimbo's Pickleball Involvement

Among his current commitments involving Pickleball, Jim serves as: 

Co-Founder & President:

Spirit of the Hummingbird, NP/LLC: “Building the Future of Pickleball.”

Consulting. Management. Promotion. Player Development. Coaching. Facility Design.

Elite Athletes Management Agency, LLC;

International Association of Professional Pickleball Players, NP; 

Co-Founder/Honorary Chair, Mexico Pickleball Association /Asociacion De Pickleball De Mexico, NP; and 

Founding Member, Board of Directors: World Pickleball Federation/Association, NP.

Jimbo's current coaching and other commitments to help build the future of Pickleball follows his 2014 retirement from a long and distinguished career as a nationally respected public interest advocate and certified mediator who for many decades fought vigorously and successfully in both the private and public interest sectors to provide quality and affordable legal assistance to low- and moderate-income working families.

 Footnote: Unless his current and apparently incurable addiction to Pickleball is unfortunately and suddenly "cured" by a winning lottery ticket worth over $50 million dollars, crippling body-wide arthritis, an unwise and unhealthy return to national or state politics, a misjudged desire to appear again before the current (and...less than "supreme"!) Supreme Court, a last place finish by the Boston Red Sox , or severe and un-treatable dementia, Jimbo's many decades of professional dedication to low-paying non-profit efforts involving environmental and consumer protection, Indian rights and justice system reforms have likely ended...then Jimbo is hoping and planning to continue playing, coaching and contributing to the national and worldwide growth of this great game for many years to come! 

Equipment and Locations

Jim maintains ongoing relationships with many of the major pickleball paddle and equipment manufacturers; and has a wide variety of demonstration paddles for persons seeking to determine which paddle(s) best suites their games. Usually coach Jimbo can secure discounted prices for those wishing to purchase one or more paddles (new or used), balls and a wide range of other supplies. 

At the current time until the winter of 2019. Jimbo coaches primarily in the greater Minneapolis, MN area during the months of May-Oct.; in Saint George, UT from Oct.-Jan; and from Jan.-May in Naples, FL and in surrounding areas. He currently spends about a month in Nov.-Dec. teaching and playing in Ajijic, MX.  He is available by appointment for special clinics hosted by various community centers in each of those general locations.