Do I need to have any special kind of experience before participating in a clinic?

No. Coach Jimbo gives private and group lessons for persons of all playing levels and all ages. Typically, individuals who are familiar with racquet or paddle sports such as tennis, squash, badminton or ping pong have an initial advantage in understanding the basic techniques of the game.

What are the typical coaching hours?

Please refer to the "Coaching Clinics" Tab on this website. Call or email Coach Jimbo to make reservations. When the Calendar reservations and hours section is fully functional on this website, Individual and group lessons will be able to be reserved on line at any time.

Do I have to sign up for a series of lessons or can I just take whatever number of lessons I want?

Any individual or group can sign up for as many lessons, or a group of lessons, as s/he wishes. Typically, in order to focus on all aspects of the game, most players at every level take at least a few lessons.  

Do I have to make reservations to be in a clinic; and if so, how long in advance, and by what method, am I able to reserve a spot?

Reservations are highly encouraged, preferably three (3) days in advance. However, if you know that a clinic or individual lesson has been scheduled, in many instances you will be able to join the group at the last minute. You can reserve a spot by accessing the calendar booking form on this website and/or by calling or emailing coach Jimbo at:

Do I need to be rated in order to become an participant in a clinic; and if not is coach Jimbo able to rate me?

No formal ratings by the USAPA or otherwise are required. Coach Jimbo's clinics embrace individuals who are beginners, intermediate players and/or those of advanced abilities. Individuals with disabilities are also encouraged to participate. Please refer to the basic ratings chart included as a tab on this website: "Self Ratings."

Do I need to know the pickleball rules before I come out and get some instruction?  

All potential students are highly encouraged to become familiar with the most recent  and updated rules (January 2018), which are published on line on the USAPA website.

Does Jimbo coach indoors and outdoors?  

Yes!  Simply, it depends on the season, climate and preference of the students.

Where does coach Jimbo normally hold his clinics?  

Sites vary depending on the weather, season and/or coach Jimbo's geographical location (for example, MN, UT, CA, FL). Information on the location of lessons on a particular day or week will be posted on this site, depending on the state in which Jimbo is located on a given season or month.

Can Jimbo coach me and other family members together at the same time?

Absolutely. It's one of the coach's favorite kind of clinics to teach. He loves to work with children of all ages, as well as persons with various disabilities. Testimonials to coach Jimbo's teaching process often refer as well to his warmth, humor and patience.

What's the best way to contact coach Jimbo directly with various questions?

Just email or call him directly at the noted address or call the number listed below on this  website or on the Tab "Coaching Clinics."

Do I have to sign a waiver before playing? 

Yes. One will be available to review and sign before you participate in a clinic. But as a precaution, in the unlikely event that an injury might occur while participating in a clinic, it's best to be sure that your own personal liabiliy insurance is up-to-date!

What the heck do those crazy acronyms mean that coach Jimbo uses, are on this website and that I've heard some graduates of his coaching clinics often refer to and joke about...Like "FUN" and "WTP" and a few others?

Well, Jimbo says that's his secret for now and yours to learn and keep later! He  doesn't want to advertise them on this website or online, but rather "reveal" them in person to and for the benefit of those who participate in his clinics--where he says the "real instruction" and fun take place. Anyway, he assures us that those "silly" acronymes are just meant to serve as 'ticklers' that will likely become so ingrained in your game that you'll forget about them anyway. So his first coaching "advice" is to just go out there, practice often, play and have a great time!!

Other questions?: write coach Jimbo at either or